People Still Want A Facebook Dislike Button? Why?

Posted by on June 19, 2012 at 9:02 am

Recently, and probably not for the first time, a malapp has erupted across Facebook, engulfing individual’s profiles under the guise of enabling a hidden Facebook Dislike button. That it’s worked so well speaks volumes of how badly people want to destroy the fabric of Facebook’s spacetime and their relationships with other people. Do people still really want a Dislike button? Why?

On some level, I can understand the plight: if someone posts some depressing or dreadful news, you can’t toggle the Like button without looking like a terrible person, so you have to comment to express your sympathy. Unfortunately, this very limited scenario is the only example of its usage that doesn’t end in complete and utter drama. (Besides, who wouldn’t rather have twenty comments of support after a terrible incident over a thumbs down icon with a 20 inscribed next to it?)

What kind of drama? Any drama.

Do you really want Facebook to devolve into MySpace? Didn’t we leave that dreadful land years ago?

Someone graduates from high school and gets downvoted out of spite. Someone gets a new job and is downvoted by the jealous types who don’t appreciate their friend’s ascent in the world. A nutritionist dislikes someone’s Diary Queen Blizzard photo. For as many ways there are to like someone’s content, there are just as many to be vile and disgusting through dislikes by malicious means. At a time when we’re hurting the most as a society and as an economy, do we really need unchecked waves of pessimism to wash over our walls? Do we really want our home turf to be a target for people who have no better motivation than to be cruel? It’d be a haven for those who cyber-bully (or not) and be a dreadful experience for those who just want to use the service to play more Bejeweled.

No, Facebook doesn’t need a Dislike button because we’re not 13-18 year old girls.

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