Facebook Ticker Disappears, People… Miss It?

Posted by on July 2, 2012 at 10:20 am

Maybe it’s just my observation of the techblogosphere, but it seems that people have become very upset that the Facebook Ticker has vanished. Have you noticed? Because it’s one of the biggest additions that people seemed to despise last year.

You may not really notice it, but the Ticker’s a pretty vital part of the Facebook experience: for one, it pulled a lot of really miniscule and unimportant content from the main News Feed. Now that Open Graph is available to app developers, it can be used to display more real-time content than ever. Songs you listened to, people you said ‘Hi!’ to, replies made, so on. The Ticker, along with the new Chat interface panel were huge additions to Facebook last September. Beginning yesterday, sites like TechCrunch and VentureBeat began to report on its disappearance, and it made me think about how quickly we fall in love with new Facebook features, despite how intrusive or odd they may be immediately.

Honestly, the Ticker still feels odd up there in the corner, hanging like an afterthought. Facebook wants us to plug in all our activity into our walls to share and the best they can come up with is the Ticker? I wouldn’t be surprised if something a little, well, smarter is on the way. As for the Facebook masses, maybe they don’t care, but rest assured whatever Facebook does dream up will fall onto the same army of blades.

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