Get Google Wallet For Your Verizon Galaxy Nexus Right Now!

Posted by on August 3, 2012 at 9:02 am


This post has three parts: why Google Wallet is awesome, why Google Wallet is more awesome now, and where you can finally get Google Wallet, officially, for your Verizon Galaxy Nexus. You will now officially be able to leave all your credit cards at home. That’s right, the singularity is here and it begins with your money! Let’s begin.

Part 1: Why Google Wallet is so awesome.

Just click this link and be back in five minutes. I’m timing you.

Part 2: Why Google Wallet is more awesome now.

As part of a recent major update, Google opened the floodgates to card access. Where as previously, you could only load a Google gift card (or hook up a Citibank MasterCard to it), you can now submit any of your debit or credit cards to your Google Wallet and use them directly through your phone! That’s right, you can keep your cards at home and pay, where available to, with a PIN-secured transaction. No stolen credit card numbers or physical wallets to lose your plastic out of. The new system operates by making the payments on behalf of your current bank/credit institution through Bancorp Bank (Google’s official bank partner) and then bills them for the same amount.

Are you as excited as I am!

Part 3: Where you can finally get Google Wallet, officially, for your Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

Let’s be frank: Verizon’s still being dickish about this whole thing. Sure, they “officially” support it now, but they make discovery difficult. Let’s make this easy: you’re going to be downloading an APK, so it’s best if you bring up this page on your mobile.

Then click this link.

Install, open, set up your account, and go forth!

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