HTC G1 Owners Rejoice! Jelly Bean Is Now (Sorta) Available!

Posted by on August 9, 2012 at 8:58 am

Ha! Ha! Take that newer Android owners!!!!

While most of us are still waiting for our port of Jelly Bean, the first Android phone, HTC’s G1, has had the lovely new OS (that comes standard on the Nexus 7) whittled onto it by the crafty fellows over at XDA-Developers. Yeah, it’s nuts.

Now let’s never mind the fact that the phone is nearly four years old now (holy cow, has it been that long already…) and is barely suited for the service. Nevertheless! the phone will probably always hold a revered status by being the first device to show off Google’s new vision for mobile. Sure, not all of it works yet and as they mention in the video, it’s not going to become anyone’s Daily Driver, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Oh, just one catch, maybe just a small one, they haven’t quite gotten the cellular radios or data working on it, so be prepared to slowly flip through menus for a while.

Four years, wow…

Source: XDA-Developers via The Verge

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