Amazon Offers Locker Delivery. Good Idea Or Best Idea?

Posted by on September 26, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Wait…Lockers? For your STUFF?! Okay…

How many times have you ordered something from Amazon and then gotten that fateful text message telling you it has been delivered, while you’re at work. When that happens, do you spend all day worrying and hoping that it’s going to be there when you get home? Well this happens to me every time I order something from them. So far I’ve been lucky and haven’t had a single item go missing but it is bound to happen eventually.

Or is it?

There is some good news here regarding this issue. Amazon, the online mega super omgwtfbbq ultra giant retailer has announced a new service called Amazon locker. With this service you can choose to have your item delivered – get this – to a LOCKER, from which you can later go and retrieve it without fear of some hooligan sneaking up to your front porch and gaffling your goods while you’re you’re away earning tax dollars for the man.

So here’s how it works. When you place your order, you select a locker location during checkout. When you get your order confirmation, there will be a code in the email. Once you get the delivery notice, you zip on down to the locker spot and punch that code into the system and *click* your locker will open. You can then score your item and be off in a jiffy. No muss, no fuss, no stolen video cards!

I, for one, think this is an amazing idea. I checked and they don’t have any of the lockers in my area at this time but we all know how Amazon is and there’s no doubt that they will be expanding the coverage for this service very quickly in the U.S. As soon as these are available near me, I’m going to start having all of my stuff delivered to one. Because security.

Tell me what YOU think of this amazing new delivery option, in the comments section below!

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