Demo of What a 4″ iPhone Screen Would Look Like

Posted by on September 3, 2012 at 9:13 pm

Can I haz more than 4 inchez?

We’re getting closer to the launch of the new iPhone that a lot of people are waiting for. Me included, waiting to see if it’s going to be better than what the rumors are or if I’m going to be buying a new device. Anyway, the folks over at Mac Rumors put together a cool video that shows what the 4″ screen would look like with the home screen, apps and video compared to the iPhone 4S. Like I said, I’m still not impressed with a taller screen but I’m still holding out for the official announcement. The specs include the 4″ screen at 1136×640 and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Some of the other features that aren’t really impressive to me are: Non-Google maps, that has turn-by-turn directions as well as traffic updates. Passbook, that allows you to have your loyalty cards from retailers, like other apps were doing years ago. The issue with these were complications scanning the screen at stores. I ended up deleting the app because of that. Politer ways of ignoring peoples calls by sending a text message to whoever you ignored from pre-written options. Upgraded Siri and Facetime over cell service. I HAVE STILL NOT USED FACETIME!

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