From the Ashes of Megaupload, Out Comes Megabox

Posted by on September 26, 2012 at 3:11 pm

It’s the “cloud,” the mysterious place the internet lives!

Kim Dotcom is back as promised saying his new website, Megabox, will be out soon. Megabox will be a place for artists to upload their music and make more money on it than they do with iTunes or similar platforms. Users will be able to buy music cheaper than they can from iTunes and others and even get it for free by installing an application that replaces other sites ads with ads from Megabox.

Dotcom has said that top artists have already signed up and is sure more to follow. Who you may be asking? From the teaser video we get a glance at the “exclusive artists” including; The Black Keys, Rusko, Two Fingers and So how much do artists make from Megabox? Dotcom said that artists will be making 90% of the money earned whereas other services like iTunes artists only make about 11%.

“Music will be free for users who install the Megakey App. Anyone who does not like the App can just purchase the music,” Dotcom told TorrentFreak. The issue I have with this is that it will be taking ad revenue from other websites like ours. Megaupload is expected to return before the end of the year and that the site is 90% code complete.

Take a look at these promo videos and let us know what you think!

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