iPhone 5 & iOS 6 Complaint Roundup

Posted by on September 24, 2012 at 2:33 pm

Complaining is fun!

Yes, just like every year when the new iPhone comes out there is a barrage of complaints about the software and the hardware. Even though the phone has only been out for 4 days the complaints have been rolling in. Let us take a look at those complaints and see if they are legitimate or not.

The biggest complaint about the iPhone 5 is that it’s too light. That’s right, people are upset that it’s so light and they might accidentally drop it or throw it against the wall or something. It’s about an ounce lighter than its predecessor. This complaint is so dumb. Anyone that has ever held any newish Android smartphone you know how light it can be. I had always thought the iPhone was pretty heavy considering its size. The other big hardware complaints are, light leakage in the case and scratches to the phone out of the box. These hardware complaints I can understand and that would make me pretty upset.

Now onto iOS 6. The biggest change that has been negatively received is the replacement of Google Maps with Apple’s own version. Why? Because it doesn’t seem to have the right information. Google has been doing maps for years and Apple decided to jump in because they don’t like Google or something. Apple’s maps not only show wrong locations or have no images for the area you are looking at they lack the feature I used it for most, searching. If you want to find a Chinese restaurant all you had to do was type “Chinese” and Google Maps would find restaurants in your area. Now it seems that if it’s not in the title you won’t find it. That’s a bummer. The other complaint was getting rid of the YouTube app, even though it was the worst thing in the world. Well Google has made a YouTube app that is available to download that works way better.

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