iPhone 5 is Official & Why I Wont Be Buying It

Posted by on September 12, 2012 at 9:56 pm

Well, it’s taller.

Today I sat and watched the entire Apple press conference from my desk wanting more. Yes, hooray, the iPhone 5 is coming and there are some updates. My issue is there was nothing groundbreaking. Before I go on lets get the details out there. The new iPhone, the iPhone 5 will be out on September 21st. Boasting a 4″ screen, A6 processor, 8 megapixel camera, Lightning connector, redesigned ear phones and iOS 6, it was my gadget of the year. That is until closer to today when rumors showed it off.

When Apple first came out with the iPhone it was a groundbreaking product. I wasn’t immediately hooked, being an HTC fan and loving my Touches and Mogul. Then when the iPhone 3G came out, I was like ok, the bugs are out and this phone is sexy as hell. I switched from my SERO plan at Sprint to AT&T with a higher monthly payment to get the iPhone 3G. I loved that thing. iOS is simple to use and the app store was genius. Then came the iPhone 3GS. It looked exactly like the 3G with just an “S” added to the title for “speed.” With this new device they released iOS 3, with the biggest feature I wanted, cut/copy/paste. I was happy to upgrade to the new OS but skipped out on the new hardware. I remember it taking it’s toll as it slowed down with every minor update to the OS.

Then came along the iPhone 4, completely redesigned, glass back, retina display, multi-tasking and the list goes on. This phone hooked me right away and it’s what I currently have. To me this phone just leaped over all the competition out there. Last year when the new iPhone was being rumored, no one knew if it would be an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Maybe it’s because of the hardware issues with the iPhone 4 that people thought it would be redesigned or the fact that a 4″ screen was pretty much a standard on the competition. But what they came out with was the iPhone 4S, improved body for the antenna and addition of Siri (which was only available to the iPhone 4S). This was fine to me, wasn’t anything special and the competition was pumping out phones that were on par or better than the iPhone.

The phone competition now was starting to advance over the iPhone with 4.5 – 5″ screens, faster processors and better cameras. I knew this year we were in for a change. I so wanted to get my 4.5″ iPhone 5 and be happy with whatever else they gave me because then I would know that it was awesome. Rumors started circling the internet with leaked specs and pictures showing it to only be a 4″ screen with the same design. I thought this couldn’t be true and just ignored the rumors. Closer to the press conference with the same rumors coming back I knew that it was true and that I wouldn’t be getting the new iPhone. I wanted something groundbreaking again but it looked like it wasn’t going to happen. In my eyes it didn’t happen.

Apple says the iPhone 5 was designed from the ground up and it is prettier than the iPhone 4/4S with it’s machined aluminium and glass body. The phone is also taller with it’s 16:9 aspect, 4″ screen but it’s not what I was expecting. While watching the press conference I was hoping they would also introduce a 4.5″ version also with all the talk that it’s designed to fit and be used with one hand still. Well I got big hands and I can handle that extra .5″ so give me please. No. I guess my biggest issue with the iPhone is that it feels like it’s designed the way Apple wants but told to us that it’s for our own good. All the other new specs have just caught up with the competition now instead of passing it.

I like to try to use the latest technology and it doesn’t look like I can with the iPhone anymore.

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