StarStar Me, The Greatest Mobile Innovation Since Musical Ringback Tones?

Posted by on October 9, 2012 at 3:39 pm

Meet **SARAH

“STAR STAR ME”, is something I’m never going to say to anyone I ever meet. Sprint has teamed up Zoove who has created this ** epidemic that started out as a clever way for businesses to market to consumers by allowing them to dial ** then a name like **FEZ, which would them send them information or patch them to a phone number. It’s a pretty neat idea for businesses and something easy to remember. Sprint is handling the consumer side of this allowing anyone to get a StarStar number for $2.99/month.

The point of this is instead of giving someone your number you can just give them this to be easily memorable. So what’s the problem? Well it has to be between 5-9 numbers and letters and nothing is available. The ad shows **SARAH and **CHLOE which makes you think, cool I can get my first name. Then you try and enter it and it’s gone. I can totally get **MISSKELLY or **KELLYPHD if I want. I can be immature and get **KELLY69. Actually no I can’t because I have AT&T and it’s only available to Sprint customers right now. I can call someone that has a ** number but I can’t get my own.

“We expect this service to be especially popular with professionals, students and family customers, who can tailor its use to their individual preferences, lifestyles and interests with a few simple clicks.” Said Kevin McGinnis, vice president-Product and Technology Development at Sprint. I don’t really know about that. Does anyone really talk on the phone anymore or are they texting, Tweeting and messaging each other on Facebook? Would I totally get it? Yeah I would but that’s because I like these silly types of things. And yes I’m sure it would be used once when I show it off then I will never have anyone call me on it again.

What do you guys think, is this something you’re getting? Don’t lie! If you would like to check out the press release it’s here.

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