YouTube Adds New Appeal Process for Copyright Disputes

Posted by on October 3, 2012 at 7:16 pm

It’s a start.

One of the best pieces of news that has come from YouTube since HD 16:9 videos is this, the new appeals process for copyright disputes. Currently YouTube uses Content ID to match copyright videos and automatically strike the uploaders account, remove monetization and even block the video worldwide. I absolutely despise this process because it puts the burden of proving you own the copyright because a company told YouTube they actually owned the copyright and they probably didn’t have to show proof.

It has happened on more than one occasion to us where a competitor uploads the same game trailer and because they are Content ID partners with YouTube our video gets blocked and we have to dispute it. There is then up to a 10 waiting period for the other company to either release the claim or for them to reaffirm their claim at which point you weren’t able to do anything after that. This happens to way more people than it should, I understand there is a huge amount of piracy that gets put on YouTube but I think there should be a way to verify and get good standing with YouTube so this automated system can’t touch your account, everything has to be done by a human. This way, the majority of the copyrighted material is stopped and the people that are following the rules don’t get punished.

If you appeal a rejected dispute the claimant must release claim on the video or send an actual legal DMCA notice. If they send the DMCA notice then the video will be removed from YouTube and you will be hit with a permanent strike. Too many of those and your ass is off YouTube! There is no time frame listed in which the claimant must take action so I can see this being a bit of a problem also.

At least this is in the right direction, next stop, enable our AdSense account and reinstate us a YouTube partners. That would so awesome!

[source YouTube via The Verge]

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