Google Nexus 4 Sold Out Quickly in the US & UK

Posted by on November 13, 2012 at 9:01 pm

#4 baby!

Is the Google Nexus 4 that awesome? I don’t know, but enough people think so. So many people in fact that it sold out in 10 minutes in the UK and under an hour here in the US. I tried to buy one from the Google Play store to piss off my co-worker but when I went to add it to my cart, I got an error. I’m not the only one that had this problem. What makes this phone so hot?

I think the biggest reason is the $299 unsubsidized price tag. That means no contract to sign to get it that cheap. Inexpensive it may be, but did Google cut corners? The phone although boasting a 4.7″ screen, 2GB of RAM and a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, lacks LTE and a card slot for expanding the storage capacity. This leaves you with only 8 or 16GB of storage space. Does this make you less likely to pick this up or does the inexpensive price justify it?

I actually think I’m going to finally jump ship and go after the HTC Droid DNA that comes out on Verizon in a week. It has a 5″ 1080p screen, same RAM and processor. We will see!

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