Why Do Software Manufacturers Keep Changing My Stuff?!

Posted by on November 29, 2012 at 10:37 pm

I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!

So, I’ve been seeing a trend lately. A trend toward software developers messing with my stuff. Why do they think they have to do that? Don’t they realize they’re going to make my head explode?

The latest set of shenanigans comes from the drunken monkeys over at KIK, who made a handy little app called “Kik Messenger”. We, at FEZ, use kik messenger on a daily basis to send messages to one another because it allows group messaging across smart phone platforms, seamlessly, and works with Windows phones, Droid phones and the dreaded iPhone.

Earlier today, I was sitting here, minding my own damned business, when my phone started running a bunch of updates. Now the fact that the phone just started updating on its own irritates me enough but then when I go back to my home screen, I notice my kik icon is missing.

That’s problem #1. Why would they make the icon go away? That’s lame enough as it is. But, wait, there’s more!

So I put the icon back on the home screen and fire up kik to see how badly they’ve boned me in the pooper and I immediately notice that they’ve changed the whole look and feel of the software. Now there’s a pull-out menu on the side and when I get past that get into the conversation, the whole thing looks like I’m on an iPhone.


Why didn’t you people just leave it alone, hmm? I was perfectly happy with my software the way it was!

And that’s the whole point of this article (or total lack of point, as the case may be). Stop changing my stuff…It irritates me and makes me want to kick kittens!!

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