$550 Gets You A Samsung Galaxy Camera On Verizon LTE, Perhaps Made Of Gold

Posted by on December 12, 2012 at 8:09 am

It’s a camera running full-blown Android. What else do you want?

Earlier this year, I surveyed Samsung’s new Galaxy Camera, which is an Android-powered device married to a larger-than-your-average-smartphone’s light sensor and a mechanical zoom. I though it was a beautiful idea and now the camera that can do it all is appearing in its various forms here in the States. Samsung has now officially announced that you can get the device with a Verizon LTE radio for high-speed cellular transmission (most) anywhere. But, there are some downsides.

The first issue is easy: this is a $549.99 camera with a monthly plan if you want to actually take advantage of the camera’s faculties. This is no mere camera, this is an Android device every which way you can use it. Yeah, you can use it to Dropbox files. Yeah, you can use it as an MP3 player (it has a headphone jack!), and yes, of course, you can Instagram the hell out of your pics right from the camera. Yeah, it’s a glorified cameraphone by every measure of the word and while it might be overwhelming for a device as simple as a camera to be able to play Angry Birds, you get all of its instant-share capabilities available right off the bat. No plugging and playing and draggin and dropping, just get it done like you would on a normal Android phone. Unfortunately, this means you’re also buying the equivalent of an unsubsidized cell phone with a big camera on it.

The second issue, and this is a killer, is that the camera isn’t all that good. The Verge has described the Galaxy Camera as a $200 camera with an extra $300 in Android-powered bells and whistles. Let’s be honest, if you’re gonna shell out for a dedicated camera, it should be a damn good camera. My hope, perhaps dream, is that they improve this for the inevitable second generation and maybe they’ll own my dollars.

Until then, I guess I’ll stick to Ol’ Ironsides.

Source: The Verge

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