Every Apple TV Ad Ever: From “1984” To Siri

Posted by on December 4, 2012 at 8:54 am

Apple made a lot of iPad commercials. Just FYI.

Well, here it is: every single ad Apple ever put to TV. I’m sure it’s not every single one, but with a playlist featuring 485 entries, it’s probably more than you’ve ever known about. Covering a period from 1977 onward, this reveals quite a few surprises, quite a few great ones and a number of bad ones (Will Ferrell pimping Apple products? Huh?). What are some highlights? I’ll explain and include the video below!

Don’t Marathon Ads. Seriously, I watched a hundred of these in a row and I feel a little woozy.

They’re Pretty Beautiful When People Aren’t Involved. The company’s ads following Jobs’ return in 1997 were pretty consistent in the following fifteen years. Bright, white backgrounds provide contrast for a hand interacting with a product or the curvature of the tilting arm of an iMac from the early aughts.

They’re Not As Beautiful When People Are. Remember those Joel Hodgson/Justin Long, Mac versus TV ads? Yeah, those are just as annoying as ever, probably moreso now that no one’s complaining about Windows Vista anymore. Sure, those celebrity Siri spots are pretty slick while their “Genius” ads that ran during the London Olympics – featuring an Apple Store employee helping customers because apparently only they can wade through OS X’s labyrinthine interface to negotiate keynotes and spreadsheets – were absolutely awful. They were also pulled quickly.

Siri Is A Big Deal. Seriously, Apple made dozens of ads highlighting the digital assistant. Google’s provided some hefty competition with Google Now without spending nearly the same amount promoting it and, ultimately, will probably end up on far more phones.

Anyway, check out some of those ads above.

Source: The Verge

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