I’m Your Dead Friend And I Like This Facebook Page

Posted by on December 11, 2012 at 8:17 pm
Too lazy to find a good image.

Too lazy to find a good image.

I’m not trying to sound unsympathetic, but after reading an article from ReadWrite about dead friends liking things they would not possibly liked and that it must be Facebook, kind of irked me. I’m not defending Facebook because I think sponsored posts are ridiculous myself but c’mon.

I looked back through my likes and there is not a single like that I thought was suspicious. There are likes that I remember clicking on because it entered me into a contest or whatever and I just forgot to unlike them. That along with likes kind of hidden as something different are what’s happening here. Now with Facebook ads I know you can easily disguise a like button, for example we could have an ad that has a picture of a game and says, “click like if you like games” and people would click like not realizing they just like our page.

I do feel like promoted posts are a problem. There are so many times where I see, so-and-so likes this and here is a related post about it. Seeing a deceased friend pop-up on these things must be hard, but Facebook doesn’t know your friend died, they are just using some random or predetermined name based on some kind of algorithm that they hope has a higher conversion chance so the advertiser is happy and continues to pay more money.

I just wanted to get it out there that Facebook isn’t liking things for you, you just have a bad memory.

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