Samsung, Does The World Need A Phone With A 6.3″ Display?

Posted by on December 14, 2012 at 10:06 am
Like this, but a little smaller. Not by much.

Like this, but a little smaller. Not by much.

Word is leaking around the globe that the next iteration of Samsung’s mammoth Galaxy Note phone (or phone/tablet (or phablet)) is expected to hit a gargantuan 6.3″ next year. That’s pretty ridiculous, but Samsung claims that it’s filling a gap in their size spectrum between their popular smartphones and their smallest tablets. Considering the success of their Note phones (despite some industry expectations), it makes sense that bigger might be better, but how big is too big?

A chart I'd done up two years ago showing off some of the crazy specs at the time.

A chart I’d done up two years ago showing off some of the crazy specs at the time.

Hard to believe now, but as this site was getting started two years ago, a 4.5″ display represented a colossal device. I’d just upgraded from my Palm Pre to my Epic, a leap that made the webOS phone look like I’d been operating in the footprint of a postage stamp for nearly a year. A year later, I picked up the Galaxy Nexus which featured a 4.65″ display. While the size didn’t seem like a big deal, I didn’t feel that a bigger size was going to very comfortable as the girth of the phone now allowed it to slip from my hand a lot easier.

When the original Note debuted last year, it was also considered a big deal, sporting a 5.3″ display. This year’s model went to 5.55″ and maintained the same 720p-ish resolution from the old version, a minor point in pixel density which didn’t matter to many people anyway. Rumor is that, as Samsung grows their Note to accommodate this new size, the Galaxy IV will also be going to the full 5″ as well. The thing is, how far do we go? My Nexus 7 seems fine as a tablet, but the idea of holding a device of similar specs to my head doesn’t seem like anything but awkward. Even if it’s running a 1080p display, what’s the point in having a device that large?

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