Why Does Windows 8 Keeps Freezing On Me?

Posted by on December 12, 2012 at 9:33 pm
Where is the stop freezing option?

Where is the stop freezing option?

Windows 8 has been running very smooth for me since I installed it. Yesterday, however, my computer locked up on me twice. No blue screen of death or anything, just completely frozen.

What is weirder is that my computer would lock up right after the Windows logo would go away in post on the black screen. I let it sit there for minutes before I hard rebooted again.

That is another problem Windows needs to fix, after the Windows logo there is a black screen before it shows your login screen. On average my computer would sit at this screen for 20 seconds, sometimes as long as 45 before it would show the login screen. For me, I know to wait, but with others that are not as technically inclined I see them thinking something is wrong. There needs to be something to let you know that the computer is still doing something.

So back to my issues. Today while browsing the internet it just froze again, then when it booted back up it froze within 30 seconds of showing the desktop. I have been sitting here for a few hours now trying to do any suggestion I see online about it to keep it from freezing.

I’ve logged out and back in and that didn’t fix it. I installed Hyper-V, because some people said that fixed their issue, but that also didn’t work. I also installed the latest Nvidia driver even though this baffles me that a video driver would stop working now with no other changes to the system. So far it’s been working, at least it’s letting me get this article written. While it’s doing that I’m running a system scan (Good news, no integrity violations).

I know Nick gave Windows 8 a good review and while I don’t disagree with him, I’m having more issues with Windows 8 than I’ve had with Windows 7. What about you guys, are you using Windows 8? Having any issues? Let me know.

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