CES 2013: In The Future, TV’s Watch You

Posted by on January 8, 2013 at 10:10 pm
I don't know where these giant hands are coming from!

I don’t know where these giant hands are coming from!

How do you feel about someone staring at you while you watch TV? To watch you come and go from your living room? It sounds a little creepy but cool at the same time. Panasonic showed off it’s newest smart TV that recognizes who is watching it and shows customized channels and menus.

I sometimes just stare at my Kinect just wondering. Is it looking at me? What does it think of me? Will it turn on my one day? Now, you can be wondering the same thing with new TV’s. I actually think it’s pretty neat myself. All these TV’s are coming out with voice and gesture controls but I think they are missing a few that would be awesome. Let’s say I sit down to watch TV. I think I should be able to gesture and the TV come on without me touching the remote. Other things I would like to see is, if there is no one watching it, have it automatically turn the volume down and after a few minutes, turn off. If you see the person watching fell asleep, turn off also. Panasonic said you can also draw on the TV with a special pen. I guess this is when you are trying to highlight plays or something, I don’t know.

Samsung announced TV’s that can accept gestures for swiping through menus and even changing the channel. This is all cool but if you are watching cable doesn’t the cable box control the channel and not the TV? We’ll see how this one turns out.

What do you guys think about the future of TV’s, besides 4K, that’s just ridiculous right now.

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