Data Caps Are Crap And We Overpay for Internet

Posted by on January 24, 2013 at 8:09 pm


I get really heated being screwed over by paying so much for internet. $79.99 a month for 20MB internet? Seriously? Oh, I can’t forget that I’m also capped at 250GB of bandwidth a month and will have to pay overage fees. C’mon now. ISP’s have been saying that the data cap is there because of network congestion and that soon they won’t be able to support all the internet use. Upgrade your hardware is what I say! Don’t tell me you can’t give me faster speeds because the router in my area can’t handle it because it’s too old.

Former FCC Chairman and recently turned lobbyist for cable companies, Michael Powell, finally admitted that it wasn’t about congestion, but rather about pricing fairness.

National Cable and Telecommunications Association president Michael Powell told a Minority Media and Telecommunications Association audience that cable’s interest in usage-based pricing was not principally about network congestion, but instead about pricing fairness…Asked by MMTC president David Honig to weigh in on data caps, Powell said that while a lot of people had tried to label the cable industry’s interest in the issue as about congestion management. “That’s wrong,” he said. “Our principal purpose is how to fairly monetize a high fixed cost.”

What? Pricing fairness for whom? The cable companies’ pockets? It certainly isn’t fair to me. Cable & telephone companies had a monopoly in cities that has been recently expired that limited a city to only one telephone and cable provider per area. That’s why you can only get DSL or cable internet from two companies. Now other companies can move in but they don’t want to pay the cost to lay the fiber in the area and the owners of the current infrastructure either won’t share their lines or they want to charge exorbitant fees

Just FYI, on average households in the US pay about $160 a month for phone, TV and internet. The rest of the world is paying about $40 and they are getting cheaper calls to other countries, TV from around the globe and faster internet speeds.

[via DSL Reports]

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