Microsoft Finally Releasing The Surface Tablet We All Really Wanted On February 9th

Posted by on January 23, 2013 at 10:07 am
It makes music!

This is actually a picture of the Surface RT, but can you REALLY tell?

Imagine a version of Windows that doesn’t run any of the programs you’ve accumulated over the years in exchange for an app store that’s still pretty small. It makes sense that Microsoft would release a tablet with that version of Windows to cater to hardware and app developers that are currently working on Android apps these days and not Windows ones, but there’s a reason why Microsoft has been hush-hush about Surface sales: because they’re probably not great at all. When Microsoft unveiled the tablet last summer, they promised an alternate, higher-end Surface Pro that was essentially the Windows you knew and loved, but in tablet form. The version you wanted. Well, it’s here.

At $899, it’s hard to imagine recommending this against a significantly cheaper, perhaps older iPad, which is still the flagrunner when it comes to tablets, but this isn’t the model that’s trying to compete in that space. That’s for the cheaper Surface RT. The Surface Pro starts with 64GB of storage, has a higher-resolution, better display, more powerful guts, and works with all those same accessories. It’s a cheap laptop.

So would I have bought a Surface Pro if it had been available last year versus my much more expensive HP laptop? Nope.

Thing is, my mobile computer status dictates that I need power. During E3, I spent most of my computer cycles rendering video and pulling up Photoshop. A Surface Pro might’ve done okay for half the tasks I want, but I would’ve also only spent half the dollar on the tablet. There are some other drawbacks, like the common complaint that the Surface is kind of big and unwieldy, but I have little issues with that. (Immature giggle here.) Still, this could be a pretty good replacement for a productivity laptop for college students or whoever.

Still, I’d spend the extra couple hundred bucks and skip the RT and load up some some Steam games.

Source: The Verge

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