Oh, It’s Time For CES Again. What’s CES Again?

Posted by on January 4, 2013 at 7:59 pm
It's like E3, but for televisions and tech! But mostly, televisions.

It’s like E3, but for televisions and tech! But mostly, televisions.

I’m a huge fan of the Consumer Electronics Show, an expo that’s been around almost as long as my parents, but maybe it’s because I’m a big nerd. I knew kids in high school that wanted to go to E3, a life goal achieved as quickly as possible after high school, but no one was ever excited about CES. Well, now it’s time for CES, again. Already. Soon, 150,000 people will flood the desert oasis of Las Vegas to view the latest and greatest technology and toys from the far corners of the Earth. Unfortunately, we won’t be there, but we can be just as excited about it. Maybe moreso.

So what happens at CES? Well, every electronics maker in the world is going to be there with some notable holdouts like Apple and, far more recently, Microsoft, who opt to have their own events to unveil new products. CES is where you’ll be able to see 4K TVs and squishy light up toys. Seriously, they have everything there. Stay tuned and if there’s something worthwhile, we’ll be sure to have an opinion about it. Everything that E3 became is what CES founded upon with large booths, booth babes, and crazy booths over in the corner that I’m sure you can get milkshakes from.

Maybe next year…

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