What’s With All the CES Hate?

Posted by on January 7, 2013 at 9:36 pm
Lonely sign...

Lonely sign…

CES starts tomorrow but there has already been so much content coming from Las Vegas you would’ve thought it started on Sunday. I’ve actually never been to CES and have always wanted to go. I like gadgets and stuff so I figured it would be a cool place to check out. A lot of tech journalist seem to disagree though.

The first thing I saw was MG Siegler’s post, CESpool. In his homage to the greatly written review of Guy Fieri’s Time’s Square restaurant. MG’s article then lead me to BuzzFeed’s article telling why they are not going to CES this year.

BuzzFeed’s main reasons are, consumers have moved away from the standard hardware of it all and now everyone is more focused on software and services. Where’s all the big companies people care about? Apple hasn’t officially been at CES since 1992. Microsoft isn’t there anymore and either are the other giants, Amazon, Google and Facebook.

I don’t know what’s really changed with CES. I’ve always thought of them to be the place to see the craziest TV’s, newest cameras and all kinds of other gadgets, albeit useless, but fun to play with. So what am I missing that causes the hate or is just people don’t care about things that aren’t Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc related?

One thing that bothers me is that the site is Why didn’t they buy, they’ve been around long enough that they should have acquired that. And what’s with the chime when you load their home page?

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