Because You Asked For It, Vertu Is Releasing A Bizarre $11,000 Android Phone

Posted by on February 13, 2013 at 8:28 am
It's delectable, but stupid, yet amazing.

It’s delectable, but stupid, yet amazing.

Vertu phones have always been a bit of a joke. Here’s this incredibly expensive mobile technology artifact that takes the finest of Nokia’s Symbian OS and marries it with luxurious, hand-made hardware. Their designs were exquisite, weird, and it was hard to imagine an actual human purchasing one. Now that Vertu has unveiled their Ti model, I might have to start a Kickstarter donation drive to own one. You see, Nokia sold Vertu last year, freeing them from the obligation to Symbian, but also a further note to Windows Phone. Vertu picked Android for compatibility and while the specs are pretty admirable, but there are enough lukewarm bits in here to throw even the most casual Android fan off.

See, when these things run Symbian, I really have no frame of reference for the rest of the hardware that went into the phone. Now we do. The Ti includes a dual-core 1.7GHz processor, which is actually a notch or two faster than even HTC’s recent Droid DNA release for Verizon. It’s got your standard “Skype-complaint” (ha!) cameras front and back in 1.3MP and 8MP flavors respectively with a “scratch proof” sapphire crystal display, 64GB flash storage onboard, and what looks like a close-to-stock version of Android on-board.

Here’s where things get a little dicey. That crystal display? 3.7″, small enough to make even iPhone 5 owners weary, but worse still: it’s running at a 800×480 resolution, both aspects were pretty cool when the original Samsung Galaxy S phones landed. That Android? Ice Cream Sandwich, which was pretty hot shit when it debuted on the Galaxy Nexus fifteen months ago. Oh, and I guess it’s $11,000. I suppose that’s a slight bummer for a such a lumpy phone.

Source: Vertu via TechCrunch

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