Google Chrome Audio Indicator Shows You Which Tabs Are Being Noisy

Posted by on February 25, 2013 at 10:25 pm
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You know the feel all too well: you’re surfing the internet, probably looking at porn, and one of the tabs starts making noise because an audio ad started playing. You’re scrambling to not only mute your computer with one hand, but find the offending tab and close it with the other. You can’t find it, so you have to close Chrome entirely. Now you’re skittish, making sure no one heard anything.

Well, Google is trying to help you out. They can’t mute your speakers but they can let you know what tab is making that noise so you can silence it by terminating it’s life.

The indicator will hover over the favicon (the little image in the in the tab) and animate so oyu can easily spot it. This feature discovered by, François Beaufort, is in a Chromium build as well as the latest Canary build that can be downloaded from here.

Any tab that has audio playing will be saved from closing down if Chrome runs out of memory because you know when we’re listening to music we are ready to flip tables.

One thing I hope for is the indicator animation gets tweaked, it doesn’t look as well as it could.

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