Google, Just integrate Lookout Security Into Android Already

Posted by on February 13, 2013 at 7:29 pm
I don't know why this isn't integrated into the OS.

I don’t know why this isn’t integrated into the OS.

I love Lookout. I had convinced my friend, we’ll call him Jerry, who then convinced his friend, we’ll call him Kramer, to pick up Lookout Security for his Android phone. Sure enough, in less than a week Jerry is telling me about how he and George had gotten home without George’s phone. George had lost it somewhere. No matter! The phone had Lookout Security running and just a little bit of battery left so they whipped open a laptop and pulled up Lookout’s web site. Sure enough, they found the phone resting in a bed of snow outside the bar they’d just left. For a free app, it’s pretty amazing.

Adding to that was the addition of their Signal Flare feature last year, which would have also saved George if his battery died by sending out the last known location of his phone. Not only is Lookout the premier solution for lost phones, but it’s in my estimation to be the best solution for malware searches and contact backups as well. In this latest addition, Lookout even added a feature called Lock Cam, in which a trio of erroneous phone unlocks by a would-be thief actually snaps their picture and e-mails you the result, potentially making the future criminal case easier.

And it’s free.

I’m not saying that Android is fundamentally flawed as far as security goes, it’s obviously not, but Lookout adds so much to the Android experience that it’s the first app I’d recommend to almost anyone if they just purchased a phone. These additions are so clever that they should just be integrated into the OS stack directly in subtle ways that take up less resources than as a standalone app.

Make it happen, Google.

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