Nike Says No Fuelband Android App In The Works, Decides We Shouldn’t Be Friends

Posted by on February 12, 2013 at 8:52 am
Oh sure, it looks like a magical pantheon of fitness from here, but...

Oh sure, it looks like a magical pantheon of fitness from here, but…

Like many Americans, fitness isn’t a thing I do. Oh sure, it’s classy when you live in urban areas without a car and any long distance can be destroyed with public transportation and some legwork, but unless you’re some kind of superman, I enjoy working out as much as the next guy. Which is to say, I don’t, or at least I need some incredibly large amount of gamification. So it may come as no surprise that I’ve recently been looking at one of these new fitness bands to incentivize more trips to the fridge or 7-eleven, such as Jawbone’s Up, the new Fitbit device, and Nike’s Fuelband. Well, all except the last, now that Nike has publicly said they have no plans for an Android app.

With the recent release of its APIs, Fuelband’s method of operation is only now becoming a little bit more clear. Like the other devices, you snap the Fuelband bracelet on and it keeps track of your movement and interprets them as points. With a few caveats, like weight-lifting not generating very many because of the small range of motion, this seems like a pretty slick way to get active. It lacks the learning alarm clock of Jawbone’s Up, but it makes up for it in application and Nike’s brand and future applications.

Nike has said they’re not ruling out future Android applications, but I’m grieving a little. Once this tub of Butterfinger ice cream opens, it’s not closing again.

Source: Engadget

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