Better Than GPS: Automatic Plugs Directly To Your Car, Improves Your Driving

Posted by on March 12, 2013 at 8:21 am
The Automatic module on the left, the app running on your smartphone on the right.

The Automatic module on the left, the app running on your smartphone on the right.

Between standalone GPS devices and smartphones, there’s been a lot of new functionality added to your car in the past ten years, but little’s actually come from the car itself, it’s merely been a benefit of riding along in a car. Automatic is changing that. For $69.95, you get a module that plugs straight into your car’s data port (they say any car as far back as 1996 will work), even helping you to find it without any additional installation. Now directly connected to your vehicle, the module helps to improve your driving through the provided iOS app (Android, sadly, not out until this Fall).

Through this module, the app makes a bunch of recommendations. Sure, it’s got all the standard feats of GPS included, including the ability to pinpoint your vehicle’s car anywhere – handy in the terrible instance that your car is stolen or if you just lost your way in a parking lot. The app also makes recommendations on how to save fuel by not speeding and by chilling on the brakes. Ever in an accident? Automatic can even call out for 911 assistance. As sophisticated as Automatic is, you’ll still need to keep your phone around while in operation, which seems like a handy trade-off for having such a resourceful connection to your car.

Source: Automatic

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