Facebook Is About To Sneak A New Timeline Update To The World

Posted by on March 13, 2013 at 11:03 am
The asymmetrical look has me excited, but all of these things do.

The asymmetrical look has me excited, but all of these Facebook updates do.

Or rather, Facebook was about to sneak a new timeline update to the world before I told you about it. Sure, they had the full horse and pony show for the huge updates they’re doing to News Feed (which we still haven’t received (*clenched fist to the heavens* FACEBOOOOOOOOOOK!)), but they were just about to sneak this new layout by you without you knowing. Hey, it looks pretty cool.

In keeping with the theme of making things clearer, Facebook is now taking your posts and placing them on the right side of the timeline. Apparently, having all of your events mapped to both sides of the spinal timeline was giving people whiplash, which is understandable considering how much people can update their feeds. While your regular content will go on the right, all of your About and app updates will be squeezed into the left panel. On top of that, content boxes featuring Movies and Music will let you commit to actionable items right from a friends’ page. For example, if a friend reviews a movie on Rotten Tomatoes, you should see that on their page and then click to say that you’ll be watching that movie, too, which then adds that to whatever app you use for that kind of thing. It’s all very complex and you can read more at Facebook’s blog post below.

Source: Facebook Newsroom via TechCrunch

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