Google Now Hasn’t Been Submitted To The App Store, Says Google, Apple

Posted by on March 21, 2013 at 4:02 pm
Just Enough Education to Perform, as the Stereophonics would say

Looks like only us Android folk are gonna have Google Now for a little while.

Google Now is getting more powerful with each iteration, so powerful and precognitive that Google is thinking of moving the Android-exclusive feature to iOS. Now we know from both companies that despite Eric Schmidt’s comments to the contrary, it isn’t. It seems odd that Google would be so willing to give up one of Jelly Bean’s biggest features to the competition… or does it?

The Android fanboy inside me is screaming for Google Now to not even appear in Chrome, despite the company’s existing efforts to bring the Now cards to their browser. Why should Apple get it? In reality, similar to how building a new app for Google Maps was a boon to them, bringing Google Now to iOS would also bring more eyes to their service. Unlike Apple, Google has the freedom to move their services around. The more platforms that they exist on, the more attention is piped right into Google’s court. Sure, Now will always have the best functionality on Android, but they’re not losing their soul bringing it to Apple’s phones.

Source: CNET

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