Hacking Never Paid This Well: Facebook Makes $1.1 Million Per Employee

Posted by on March 19, 2013 at 4:16 pm
Everything's getting bigger in Facebook's News Feed.

No wonder their employees are so happy.

It only takes a little bit of analysis, but the results are pretty shocking. Take Facebook’s $5.089 billion revenue last year, divide it amongst its 4,600 employees, and you wind up with roughly $1.1 million per employee. That’s from Zuckerberg on down to the cafeteria workers. That’s obviously not what they’re being paid, but it puts the productivity of Facebook’s workers into perspective.

Think what you will about Facebook and it’s annual redesigns, the work they’re doing bringing together a billion people is pretty efficient. That might also stem from the fact that they have one major site to deal with, rather than a bunch of smaller ones like, say, Google or Yahoo! have.

The list this number derives from also featured a number of other mentions:

  • Despite their stock being in the toilet and morale at an all time low after a bunch of executives bailed, Zynga stands at $439.391 per person.
  • Twitter sits at $388,888 per employee.
  • Automattic, who make the WordPress software that powers FleshEatingZipper and tons of other web sites, boasts $300,000 per each of its 150 employees.
  • Foursquare, a company that simply can’t figure out how to make money despite having one of the coolest apps on my phone, only makes $20,000 per employee.

Check the deets and other shocking comparisons in the source below!

Source: Jeremiah Owyang

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