Minuum Is A New Virtual Keyboard For Your Mobile Device That Will Probably Blow Your Mind

Posted by on March 19, 2013 at 7:54 am
Yeah, they tuck it all into that little line.

Yeah, they tuck it all into that little line.

I’m all for trying crazy new things when it comes to my phone, but I think SwiftKey has resolved all of the issues I have with typing on it. Enter Minuum, a new keyboard that not only makes three-row keyboarding on phones and tablets look crazy, but introduces a new way of typing for devices that have no surface to touch at all.

Launched on Indiegogo mere days ago, the $10,000 ask has already been met twice over and a mere $5 donation will get you one of these keyboards for your Android devices. Full disclosure: I did just that. So what makes Minuum different? Rather than hog your screen’s real estate with all of those keys, it compresses them into a line that will be familiar to anyone who types. It’s in this way that, as they demonstrate, you can deploy this keyboard on a device that has one axis of movement, or simply exists on a line, like in a finger ring with a accelerometer or printed on skin. It’s madness. I was concerned about how one would clear up errors, but holding down on keys allows for a zoomed view that grants you special characters as well.

This is an Android keyboard because of the nature of the system, but they’ll be licensing it out to iOS app developers for in-app inclusion. Delivery date is June. You can check out their campaign and contribute here.

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