No, Bill Gates Isn’t Giving You $5,000 For Sharing His Picture On Facebook

Posted by on March 28, 2013 at 9:33 pm
Can you spot the fake one? Oh, I gave it away already.

Can you spot the fake one? Oh, I gave it away already.

There’s a hoax going around Facebook that started circulating a little over a month ago that’s a picture of Bill Gates with a sign that says he will give you $5,000. C’mon guys, don’t fall for it.

The exact text:

Hey Facebook, As some of you may know, I’m Bill Gates. If you click that share link, I will give you $5,000. I always deliver, I mean, I brought your Windows XP, right?

Windows XP was a pretty good operating system, but I don’t know about always delivering; Windows Vista was just after that and it really sucked. Plus, Bill Gates wasn’t CEO when XP was released.

This is, of course, a hoax. The image used was doctored from the original form, which was used for his AMA (ask me anything) on reddit. It’s interesting to see these things spread because people will still share it on the off chance it could be real. The last big Microsoft-related hoax came in 2004 in the form of a chain letter which stated that Microsoft and AOL were teaming up and would paid you for every person you forwarded the email to. The guy who created it claimed to be a lawyer and that it was super legit.

It, of course, was also not true.

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