The Facebook Hashtag Is Coming, Are You Ready?

Posted by on March 25, 2013 at 9:28 am
#Image #Description #Witty #Haha #OhMan

#Image #Description #Witty #Haha #OhMan

This news actually broke a while ago, but it’s taken until now to realize how interesting of an idea this is. I’ve been using Twitter for almost five years, but the art of hashtagging (#) my posts has been lost on me. Maybe it’s the low signal to noise ratio of Twitter that’s prevented me from taking advantage of it that’s also shown me why it would make complete sense for Facebook to integrate it.

You see, Facebook’s already taken a notice to when people post about similar things, like when your friend feed lights up with Oscar discussion, it sorts it into a single block. But, what if you could implicitly drive a discussion amongst your friends, rather than at your friends? With Facebook’s underutilized Graph Search at hand, it’d be incredibly easy to use hashtags to get people involved with the same topic from afar. Naturally, there’ll be some clashes when it comes to hashtag usage and terminology, so some handy auto-complete, similar to what Facebook uses when processing @ replies, bringing up your friends as you type, would be a fantastic guide to building conversations that make sense.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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