The FBI Wants To Spy On The Sites You Use Daily In Real-Time

Posted by on March 27, 2013 at 10:01 pm
Hand over your email password and things will go a lot easier for you!

Hand over your email password and things will go a lot easier for you!

I’m not sure if you were aware, but our government spies on us all the time. Phone calls, text messages, the internet, all of ’em. The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act only allows the government to force internet providers and phone companies to install surveillance equipment within their networks for the feds to use for real-time monitoring. The government’s only problem is that it doesn’t extend to internet companies like Google, Skype and Dropbox. That may change here soon.

The government already has the power to subpoena email and chat logs, so whats the issue here? It’s all old information. They’re craving real-time access because email services “are being used for criminal conversations,” according to FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann. Currently the government can ask ISPs to help them intercept communication in real-time, but this requires more work. Making this easy is the top priority this year for the FBI and it looks like some companies are ready to comply. Google spokesman Chris Gaither told Slate, “CALEA doesn’t apply to Gmail but an order under the Wiretap Act may,” and also hinted to the fact that Google may be ready for this to take affect.

What do you guys think of all this spy stuff? I’m not a big fan but what am I going to do about it? I mean, it’s for our own good and national security, right?

Source: Slate

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