Windows Phone, iPhone, Or Android, I Have The Worst Luck With Cell Phones

Posted by on March 12, 2013 at 11:29 pm
Happens to me all the time.

Happens to me all the time.

For as long as I’ve been buying cell phones, I’ve noticed one disturbing trend: they would always break on me. I’d end up getting two or three of the same phone before it finally worked out. No joke.

I remember getting my Motorola Q, which came down with issues and I had to exchange it. I went through multiple HTC Touch Pros and Touch Diamonds. When I moved on to iPhones, I would need to exchange out both my iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 for various defects, ones I can’t even remember.

Within a week of owning my latest phone, the HTC Droid DNA, I noticed the case was popping off. Snap it back on, right? Well, it’s not supposed to come off anyway, it’s one of those rare Android phones that doesn’t have a removable battery. I got my DNA exchanged and everything was peachy until last month when an OTA update dropped and I don’t think it installed properly. Even though the software version matched the latest version number and there were no updates, I started having issues: mobile data would cut out before displaying a SIM card error. Rebooting the phone only temporarily fixed the issues and soon other issues begin to spring up, so I decided to restore my phone to factory settings. I was a little surprised when the reset took only two minutes, it shouldn’t have been that short. What do you know, my phone indicates it’s already on the latest version of the OS and there’s no way it could have downloaded the update that fast.

The issues continued to rack up, the biggest one affecting my email. The unified email app would say that it was checking my mail and that there was no mail to retrieve. Thing is, there was mail to retrieve, I could open a browser and look at it online! I performed another factory reset, this time through the boot menu, and the same thing happened: it only took two minutes. I knew something was off. My apps didn’t automatically restore and my mail app was doing the same thing, but now one of my email accounts was giving me a general error. This time I called Verizon and after being transferred to Tier Two tech support, I was informed that this was a known issue with the phone and they would ship me a new one. No troubleshooting or anything.

So what is it about me and phones? Does anyone else have any issues with their devices or is it just me?

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