‘Your First Honest Cable Company’ Reminds Us Why We Love Our CableCo So Much

Posted by on March 28, 2013 at 9:50 pm
It's so true!

It’s so true!

Do you ever dream of having Google Fiber’s gigabit internet and being able to do anything on the internet at any time in whatever capacity you choose? Have you ever wondered why you’d settle for far less if it were just affordable and not a complete rip-off? Well, check out this short film and you’ll probably agree all the way down the line.

Having worked for a CableCo, I can understand the sentiment of the video. The government allows these broad stable monopolies to occur because you can always switch over to your telco or the occasional disrupting provider. So yeah, it rubbed me the wrong way when the CableCos sold their wireless spectrum to Verizon in some odd appearance of collusion. Yeah, it rubbed me the wrong way when customers couldn’t get a loyalty discount after being with the company five, ten, or in upwards of thirty years or more. But what could I say? I was just the first guy you talked to.

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