Apple’s New Campus Should Be Over-Budget And Lovin’ It

Posted by on April 4, 2013 at 9:33 am
The spaceship is still out there...

The spaceship is still out there…

Regardless to where you fall on the fanboy spectrum, Apple’s planned toroidal silver campus, set to rest on a massive lot of trees, is going to be an amazing piece of architecture. Details are still scarce as to what’s really going inside the behemoth, conceived when stockholders weren’t frowning on the company’s product saturation levels and lack of groundbreaking iThings announced since Jobs’ death, but when the design calls for four stories of curved glass (and rooms to fit!), you know it was born with controversy as a middle name. Speaking of which, it’s $2 billion over budget.

Originally conceived as $3 billion project, which is a lot of money for a new campus that’s only really designed to handle their current workforce and then a little bit more, the project has since blown up to a $5 billion endeavor and Apple is now taking its planned construction a little slower as they work to cut a billion dollars from that sum. As Bloomberg reports, some stockholders are a little disturbed that Apple would spend so much money on a campus to begin with when they’re sitting on a huge pot of money as-is.

Apple should spend every last dollar bringing their campus reality. As Jobs said in his pitch to Cupertino’s city council, this is a design that architecture students will flock in from across the world to study. If you’re going to do it, why not do it right? They can’t recast the die once it’s set. You can’t reset a mitigated design like this. While Apple’s still got that bucket of gold, they should throw as many coins at their new architectural love letter as possible.

Source: Bloomberg

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