Facebook Wants To Know What You’re Doing Right Now To Help Its Poor Graph Search

Posted by on April 4, 2013 at 10:02 am
Sadly lacking a 'pooping' option.

Sadly lacking a ‘pooping’ option.

If you’re using Facebook at this point, this augmented interrogation is par for the course, but what can I say? It’s new! Inserting “Hey, <insert name here>, what are you up to?” flavor text was just the hook, Facebook wants you to tell its massive server farm your friends exactly what activity you’re up to. Why? Because their Graph Search still sucks.

As I mentioned in that article, Graph Search is grounded because it’s based on Likes and Likes alone. Who knows when you liked “Doing That Thing With Your Belly Button”, “Pizza”, or “Justin Bieber”, so if someone does a search for “friends who like Pizza, Justin Bieber, and Doing That Thing With Your Belly Button”, they’re more than likely going to get outdated results. Oh sure, I guess it’s cool that you can specify what you’re doing to your friends, but it’s all part of Facebook’s cunning plan to know exactly what’s relevant to you at this moment. I have no doubt that brands (like ours!) will be able to utilize this information in targeting their ads, which sounds pervasive, but in reality, could help you from seeing outdated ads and irrelevant, too.

It’s a little basic at the moment and I wonder why you can’t “play” Forza Horizon, but you can “eat” Forza Horizon. It’s true, try it out!

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