Here’s That Google Glass Instructional Video You Asked For

Posted by on April 30, 2013 at 4:01 pm
Pretty clever building the trackpad like that.

Pretty clever building the trackpad like that.

Don’t you remember getting that new toy/game/whatever as a kid and ripping out the instruction manual, filling up on all its details, and memorizing the whole thing end to end? Yep, I remember that very well. Well, since I don’t have Google Glass and you probably don’t either, let’s just go ahead and watch this introductory video as if we were wearing them right now.

See, don’t you feel like you own it already? Haven’t you adjusted the projector so you can see it well. If you’re like me, did you rub a finger along the frame of your glasses envisioning that a phantom interface swooshing before your eye? Glass still a year away from being something that we’ll have much utility of, much less the average joe, but those with headsets are part of a growing number that are able to develop the first experiences on it. How exciting!

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