Hold Off On That Nexus 7 Purchase, A New Tablet’s Right Around The Corner

Posted by on April 3, 2013 at 10:37 am
One of the big announcements from last year's Google I/O conference.

Great tablet getting an update soon.

The coolest part about Google’s Nexus 7, aside from the fact that it came with a stock Android 4.1, and is a decent piece of hardware, and much more, was the fact that it was a $199.99 tablet running against the industry standard iPad, which started at hundreds more for the latest model. The base model of their latest model, at that. It might be super tempting to pick up a Nexus 7 these days, but you should really hold off as the next iteration is due out this summer, as Reuters reports.

Key changes in the new model?

  • Obviously, it’s faster and Snapdragon-equipped over last year’s Tegra 3 because of “battery concerns”, the sources say. My Nexus 7 lasts for days as-is, so who knows where the concern might lie.
  • Thinner bezel makes the tablet smaller and allows the screen to pop out more, which I’m a fan of.
  • Speaking of screens, this new display is supposed to be of a higher pixel density. Not quite Nexus 10 levels, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

Word is that Google will be unveiling the tablet at their upcoming I/O conference next month. They’ve got my attention.

Source: Reuters via AndroidPolice

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