I Welcome Our New Drone Overlords: Automotons To Fly Crap Like Newspapers To You Soon

Posted by on April 1, 2013 at 11:20 am


Drones have been getting a real negative rap in the media over the past few years. Whether it’s massive Predator drones nuking people abroad or how local municipalities seek to employ the buggers to surveil you at all times, it’s becoming hard to believe there was a time, if only for a moment, that the dream of autonomous flyers in our skies seemed like a cool, futuristic idea. If The Verge doesn’t publish something critical about drones on a daily basis, then Topolsky and his crew have failed. But let’s lighten up.

Word out of France is that drones will soon be employed to deliver newspapers. Looking at the picture above, it seems that there really isn’t much more that a drone like that could carry, except tacos, but with an army of them buzzing the skies, the potential is limitless. The FAA has recently begun work to determine how civilian drones for freight and otherwise will work out without them smashing into each other on a regular basis, which spells good fortune for those investing in delivery boy-free delivery providers. There’s something so adorable about getting a text that a drone is at your residence ready for you to retrieve your fancy French vanilla pudding.

So I salute you, you thankless drones, and welcome you into my life as soon as possible.

Source: TechCrunch via The Atlantic

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