Rdio Introduces Vdio, A New Video Service Like iTunes, Amazon or Vudu

Posted by on April 3, 2013 at 8:44 pm
Free credit, OMG!

Free credit, OMG!

Let me start by saying that I’m a subscriber to Rdio. I love it. That it has one of the best UIs around coupled with the fact that it was the first web app of its kind on the block, besting Spotify, MOG, Pandora, etc., allowed me to really take a liking to it. But it gets even better: today Rdio introduced their sister site, Vdio, which is also like iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Xbox Video, etc. Since I’m a subscriber, I have access to the service now.

The first thing I noticed was how similar the layout was to Rdio, but if mixed with Netflix. In fact, he scrolling panes for video selections are exactly like Netflix. Vdio says they solve the problem of what to watch with “sets”, which are essentially playlists created by other users. I didn’t know people had a problem with what to watch; the related videos on Hulu and suggestions on Netflix have worked fine for me. I don’t have very many friends that use Rdio/Vdio, most of them use Spotify, so maybe there is something special that I’m missing that makes the sets a valuable feature.

The UI for the video player is also pretty good, which is especially important since the networks’ websites usually have crappy players, while prices are in-line with other services as well. These days, it seems to come down to preference when choosing which service you want to go with. Personally, I like to use a mixture of them depending on the device I’m on, in which case Vdio will only work on desktops and iPads with “other devices and platforms in the plan.”

Rdio Unlimited subscribers can try the service now with $25 free credit to use. If you’re not subscribed to Rdio, you can do so in the next sixty days and get a $25 credit. Vdio is only available to people in the US and UK for now.

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