Tumblr App For Android Gets Upgraded, Looks So Much Sparklier

Posted by on April 8, 2013 at 6:02 pm
It's definitely prettier.

It’s definitely prettier.

If you’re like me and need yet another venue to send a bunch of miscellaneous text or info to, you’ve got Tumblr installed somewhere. I just recently got on the Tumblr train to make long and extremely personal tomes of information available to every Google bot in the universe, but the Android app was always a little, hmmm, flat. Well, no longer!

With today’s release, Android’s Tumblr app is now bountiful, bouncy, and animated with little flourishes everywhere doing virtually anything. It certainly makes using the app more fun while the exploding “add” option prevents you from being torn away from your screen to face another screen of unnecessarily big buttons. Probing through, I haven’t noticed any other upgrades or enhancements, but it’s nice to have an overall faster app to send information to. I don’t think Tumblr is trying (or wants to) compete with Facebook, but this is definitely the place to be for personalized blog spaces that’s a haven from disruptive game invites.

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