Verizon, HTC, Will You Please Stop Screwing Me And My Thunderbolt?

Posted by on April 5, 2013 at 10:22 am
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More like BLUNDERBolt

A while ago, I wrote about the Ice Cream Sandwich update Verizon finally pushed out to owners of the HTC Thunderbolt and how miserably it affected the performance of the phone. It has since gotten worse, taking long periods of time to start applications and even longer to get the phone application to work. So long, in fact, that incoming calls often roll to voice mail before the phone app starts and allows me to answer.

And it seems most Thunderbolt owners are complaining of the same problems.

Well, this morning I was notified that there would be an over-the-air (OTA) update to my phone and I got somewhat excited thinking that I may be getting a patch to fix all of the things the ICS update broke. No such luck, however. I did a search to see what was in store for me and this is what I found for patch notes on Verizon’s website:

  • Microphone now works with HAC enabled
  • HTC Watch now shows titles available for viewing or purchase
  • Amber alerts are now visible
  • Text messaging app has been improved
  • Improvements to Yahoo and Microsoft Exchange Email Connectivity

Wait, you’re telling me that I get updates to text messaging, Yahoo Mail and microphone use, but I don’t get anything which will fix the phone and make it useful again? I don’t get an update which will allow me to answer phone calls? I don’t get an update which will make the phone require less than 30-45 seconds to exit the web browser and pull up my home screen? I don’t get any kind of patch which will stop the phone from hard locking at least once per day, requiring the battery to be removed to fix it? I’ve toyed with the update a bit and if there is any performance increase, it’s not enough of one to merit mention.

C’mon Verizon, get your shit together. You’ve been screwing over your customers for long enough. You need to remember that you’re not the only game in town.

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