What Kind Of Idiot Tries To Sell Their Google Glass Explorer Kit?

Posted by on April 17, 2013 at 5:55 pm
I want one yesterday, but what's inside?

You’re gonna buy it anyway, why not use it?

Apparently, a guy named Ed in Philly. Y’see, Ed got word via Twitter that he was one of the few selected to receive one of the first Google Glass headsets. This gizmo is so rare that people are being hand-selected for the opportunity to purchase one of them at the price of $1,500. So what happens when he finds out he’s getting one? He puts it on eBay.

To his credit, his auction made it to nearly $100,000 before he was forced to bring it down. Google states explicitly that your Explorer kit isn’t for resale.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “N, it’s so rare! Think of the dollars! Don’t you remember all those people who made money selling launch consoles because of their rare supply? You could be just like theeeeeeeemmmmmmm…” Sure, there’s that angle, I love capitalism, it makes sense. But here you are – and I don’t even need to debate the legal precedent for reselling software and the like as Wired does – receiving one of the first new pieces of technology in a grand wave of our augmented reality future and you sell it? People genuinely want to have one of these things for real and you’re just tossing it away? In Wired’s story, Ed brushes it off and that’s why people can’t have nice things.

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