Ferrari Chairman Says They Won’t Build Electric, I Guess I’m Stuck Waiting

Posted by on May 8, 2013 at 4:45 pm
The Ferrari LaFerrari is not only a redundant name for an expensive, beautiful car, it's an expensive, beautiful car.

The Ferrari LaFerrari isn’t only a redundant name for an expensive, beautiful car, it’s an expensive, beautiful car.

Okay, you got me: the subject line is a joke. You may be able to afford one of these curvaceous trademark-red motor vehicles, but a Ferrari is way out of my league. You know what’s out of Ferrari’s league? Building electric vehicles while Luca di Montezemolo is their Chairman. It’s just out, way out.

You can understand his reasoning, though. This is a company that will intentionally make less cars this year than last year. They’re not interested in reaching out to different vehicle types or making scads of dough (although they do!). Part of their no compromise approach is that they won’t be creating any purely electric vehicles, despite producing a hybrid engine for its new LaFerrari model. Unlike its competition, Ferrari is interested in maintaining the value of its name; I didn’t know it, but they make $100 million on licensing that name for merchandise alone. Madness.

Still, an electric Ferrari doesn’t just sound like a cool electro rock duo, it sounds like their inevitable future. Having a massive battery low to the ground, like Tesla’s cars, sounds like it could definitely help performance. Not that they need any.

Source: Yahoo Autos

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