Google Timelapse Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

Posted by on May 9, 2013 at 11:04 am
Columbia glacier in 1984 (left) and 2012 (right)

Columbia glacier in 1984 (left) and 2012 (right)

A lot’s changed since I was born in the Year Of Orwell. Primarily, I grew up and become a cool guy. While that was happening, the world was shifting and moving at such a massive scale that it’s been hard to grasp. Until today, that is. Google unveiled Timelapse, a feature mined from decades of satellite information gleaned from the United States Geological Survey that shows the world changing before your eyes.

Timelapses and geography already fascinate the heck out of me, so putting them together is just mind-blowing. Glaciers recede, cities expand like fungal blooms, the islands of Dubai pop out of nowhere. But don’t get hung up on the examples that Google provides; their information is global. Just type in a location and – zoom! – you’re there. Watching my home town of Colorado Springs fill in its eastern boundaries is incredible. USGS’s Landsat satellites took pictures of the entire globe once a year, so while the detail isn’t fantastic (30-meter resolution is what they got, people!) it still gives you enough detail to ponder about the universe for a while.

Source: Google Timelapse via Mashable

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