Google’s “X Phone” Becomes “Regular Phone”

Posted by on May 9, 2013 at 7:17 pm
Well, hopefully it's still stock

Well, hopefully it’s still stock

Boy Genius Reports is sending out word today that, based on some notes from a Chinese analyst, the rumored Google X-developed Motorola phone that’s due to be announced this month at Google I/O will not move stars, save Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from Titanic, or even have stock Android. No, it’ll just be a regular phone with a big battery. That might still be cool, right?

As we all know, Google bought Motorola last year (they announced it in 2011) and have spent the past 18 months pushing out all the projects they’d been working on. Now we’re going to start seeing the result of that work. Unfortunately, that debut, as rumored, will be a bit more muted now that Sergey Brin’s X group is no longer involved. It’s hard to say what exactly they were going to bring to the table as far as innovations to the phone, because what can you do to a piece of hardware these days to make it truly stand out, but I guess they couldn’t figure it out, either. Pictures of the X Phone have been floating around the web and it looks like a Nexus device from the past few years.

Well, if it’s a Nexus device with a big battery, they may still have me sold.

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