Facebook Has #Hashtags Now, But Are You Using Them?

Posted by on June 24, 2013 at 8:16 pm


Twitter launched with hashtag functionality and the ecosystem – from users to developers – learned to use them. There’s a place for them on Twitter, but what about Facebook? I used to laugh at people on Zuckerberg’s network that used hashtags. What is this, Twitter? Get out of here with you hashtags! Years later, Facebook rolled out Graph Search, which is hardly impressive on its own, but adding hashtags to that mix seems to be the best option to get people to use it. But are they?

The first day hashtags were released into Facebook’s wild, every post I saw #was #about #how #many #hastags #can #i #fit #in #a #single #status #update and other quips about being cool using it. I clicked on one interesting hashtag, but I didn’t find anything relative. It was all crap posts that were incorrectly tagged. Do people on Facebook just not know how to use hashtags or are they hoping I will see their awesome update and either friend request/subscribe to them?

I do see hashtags getting used and abused by advertisers though. You will be seeing advertisers wanting you to #brandisawesome for a chance to win something. They will also be able to measure more reach from people that don’t follow their brand page.

Unless Facebook implements some kind of trending topics like Twitter, hashtags will be another useless feature from Facebook.

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